arte couples: cases 13 & 20

Sibel Kekilli im Fall 13 und Fall 20

Again Sibel Kekilli is starring in the arte production “Couples” of director Johann Buchholz. Episode 13 is again with Christian Ulmen and episode 20 with Anna Brüggemann

Episode 13
He left his wife and did everything for her: having a real realtionship, move under the same roof – simply: he did everything what was necessary. Until the daily life is catching up and nothing seems to remain the same. Is there a remedy for love? »Link (only in German)

Episode 20
The marriage proposal has been so romantic: in Paris with champagne, a ring and a lovely speech. She has planned every detail, but SHE destroyed everything… did she not?! Two women at the therapist. »Link (only in German)

When We Leave in Santa Fe

When We Leave - Santa Fe

While visiting George R.R. Martin, the autor of “Game of Thrones – A Song of Ice and Fire” in Santa Fe, he showed the movie “When We Leave” on two consecutive nights in his Jean Cocteau theatre. For the role Umay in Feo Aladags feature film Sibel Kekilli won her second Lola award for the best female leading role 2010.

Premiere of Singles

Ein FIlm von Alex Wissel & Jan Bonny

Alex Wissel’s & Jan Bonny’s art movie “Single” premiered on 20th November 2015 at the mumok (Museum Moderner Kunst Stiftung Ludwig Wien) in Vienna. It was shown as part of the first film festival of “Studio for Propositional Cinema”.

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Ein FIlm von Alex Wissel & Jan Bonny  Ein FIlm von Alex Wissel & Jan Bonny

Honorary title “Inspector of Saxony’s police”

Sven Ellger

The police union of Saxony honors Sibel Kekilli and Axel Milberg with the honorary title “Inspector of the police”. They both have been awarded for their realistic acting approach in the series Tatort “Der Himmel über Kiel”.

Photocredit: Sven Ellger

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Dirk Sukow
Sven Ellger

Neon Ghost: My Soundtrack

Neon Ghosts - Soundtrack

Sibel Kekilli told her own soundtrack for the cultural magazine Neon Ghosts.

Read On to get the English Translation
1. Elvis Presley – Heartbreak Hotel

When I was a kid , the whole family had to watch German TV because there was no Turkish channel. So that’s why I did not only grow up with Roy Black and many Indian movies on Beta or VHS, but also with Elvis Presley’s movies. I think he was the first musician ever I fell in love with. I wanted to live in those times, dance Rock’n’Roll and move to the states.

2. Sade – Bring Me Home
Beautiful woman, awesome voice and although I don’t go to concerts very often, I have seen her live. Even without any big lighting it was one of the most impressice performances I have ever experiences. I listened to that song on my road trip through the USA three years ago over and over again. The lyrics are full of poetry and it fits perfectly with the secenery passing by in the car between L.A., Santa Barbara, San Francisco and Las Vegas.

3. Sezen Aksu – Gülümse
I do not listen to many Turkish songs. However Sezen Aksu is very special. I have been listening to her music for a long time and her music also played a big role in Head-on. Thanks to Fatih Akin I met her once for dinner in Hamburg. She is incredibly funny and energetic. On stage she told many stories of her life, about how she’s gone off, jealous about of her ex boyfriend, but in such a funny way that you just have to laugh and think: Typical Turk. German men would probably run away from a woman like her but Turkish people already got used to it and she is almost revered as a national saint.

4. Bo Kaspers Orkester (Band)
This kind of music is a souvenir from my time in Finland. For almost two years I spent more time in Finland than in Germany. It’s true that Bo Kaspers is a Swedish band but to some extent Finland and Sweden are connected through a love-hate relationship and the cultures influence each other naturally. The music and especiall the Swedish language are simply beautiful.

5. Lily Allen – It’s not me, it’s you (Album)
The entire album is really good. Funnily enough, after two years I found out that my Game of Thrones colleague, Alfie Allen, is Lily’s brother. I knew that they both have the same last names but I never thought that they could be siblings.

6. Shantel (Band)
I´ve been listening to Shantel and their Balkan Pop for many years. Evidently there is a connection between them and my Turkish roots. I have often seen Stefan (shantel) and his Bucovina Club Orchestra live. In clubs or even at the aftershow party for the European Film Awards. It’s a special experience every single time because everyone is dancing no matter what cultural background they come from. And these nights always goes on until dawn.

7. Metallica – Nothing Else Matters
When I discovered this song for myself I was just 13 and more interested in music for girls á la the Backstreet Boys. But I was so touched by this particular song that I very slowly started to discover the band itself. The harder metal songs are still not for me, but the Black Album is simply terrific, and somehow I’d like to see the band live one day.