Bulgaria: Sibel Kekilli visits a project for Roma girls


As a Terres des Femmes embassador Sibel Kekilli visited from the 7th until the 10th June 2015 for the very first time a roma quarter in Burgas, Bulgaria. She got to know the project FLORIKA and which what kind of problems the Roma minority face in the city. During her stay she also participated on the girls’ activities and tried to convince people who are – or should – taking care of the Roma problems. She talked to the second mayor of Burgas, the head of the Roma Union Mitko Dokov and also had a discussion with the initiators of a local program to prevent children’s pregnancy.

Amnesty International

The biggest letter-campaign worldwide for the day of human rights – Sibel Kekilli supports Amnesty International’s letter-campaign: On the 10th of december 2012 Amnesty International wanted to commemorate the day of the human rights with a big letter campaign. In order to help endangered people around the globe, thousands flooded the governments with appealing letters, faxes and mailings. This massive protest has a great impact on officials living in a country where human rights constantly are violated. The “letter marathon” is supported by well known German actors.

[expand title=”Read More” trigclass=”noarrow” swaptitle=” “]Sibel Kekilli supports Azza Suleiman from Egypt. She has been beaten very badly by soldiers in Cairo while attending a public protest walk. They tried to keep the 49-years-old from helping another woman who has been lying on the ground injured and naked. Azza Suleiman caused a head fraction and has not been fully recovered. Sibel Kekilli hopes that the Egypt government will receive lots of appealing letters: “Every human being has a right of a self determined and free life. Azza Suleiman has risked her life for an unknown protester. And we should not turn our eyes away from that – we have to support her right now.[/expand]



Sibel Kekilli has supported PETA for several years. After an advertisement opposing the abuse of so-called stray dogs, she now protests, together with many other celebrities, against the annual killing of thousands of baby seals. „How can one cause so much suffering without thinking of the agony and pain the animals go through“, says Sibel. „The slaughter of seals is the largest massacre of sea mammals worldwide and has developed into a gory blemish on Canada’s reputation. Please support PETA’s camapign!


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Terre des Femmes

I support TERRE DES FEMMES because I cannot just stand by and see how women are robbed of their rights, wounded or even killed in the name of honour. Please help TERRE DES FEMMES to continue their work!