Tarabya Academy for cultural affairs

Jury-Member for the Tarabya Academy for cultural affairs Sibel Kekilli was asked to work as a jury member at the cultural academy Tarabya for two years in order to give internships to applicants. Together with Joachim Sartorius, Wolfgang Rihm, David Elliott and Shermin Langhoff she is offering artists and cultural workers to live and work up to ten months in Istanbul.


World Food Programme

World Food Programme

Sibel Kekilli draws attention to the dramatic situation in East Africa and supports the work of the WFP in the Horn of Africa.
Regarding the catastrophe in East Africa, Sibel warns, together with the WFP, about the ongoing tragic conditions. “In the Horn of Africa, over 13 million people are starving, most of them women and children. It is time for us to save lives. Help to assist. Millions of people in East Africa are dependent on nutrition aid due to drought. WFP has declared the highest state of emergency”.


Unsere Vielfalt

“For me life without diversity means a life of boredom. Without all this colorful spots your culture is just grey and monotone. Every day we should make aware that this (inter)cultural exchange enriches our life to the good in all aspects. Respect of the otherness and the freedom of every individual is the base of all of that and allows me to find my place in today’s society.” Sibel Kekilli’s statement for the Berlin based campaign UNSERE VIELFALT (Our Diversity) that supports the collective oblivion.

[expand title=”Read More” trigclass=”noarrow” swaptitle=” “]The project: IMAGINE, FROM ONE DAY TO ANOTHER YOU ARE BANNED FROM EVERYTHING THAT IS IMPORTANT TO YOU” from 1933 onwards this was reality to hundreds of thousands of people in Berlin. They were not allowed to listen to the radio, to swing, to play instruments or football; they were forbidden from buying at the bakery, from sitting on park benches, even from walking their dogs because pets were prohibited. Sounds silly? But it’s the truth! And why? Only because they were Jews, Romani people, because they were gay or lesbian or religiously and politically differently minded – in short, because they were not Aryan or they opposed a system that was initiated and implemented in the most brutal way by the National Socialists.[/expand]


I am Jonny

The mission of I Am Jonny e.V.

We are against all ostracism of different groups. Nobody has the right to hurt an other human being on purpose. Not because he is allegedly different nor of any other reason. We do support a multicultural life, individual freedom in a social society and tolerance in all areas of international understanding. Under all our surfaces we are all the same and equal. One goal of I AM JONNY is approaching kids and teenagers preventatively. We do believe that they carry the key for a more peaceful future.