Glamour Award

Glammy - Sibel Kekilli - Glamour Award

For her outstanding and tireless commitment aginst racism, sexism and fighting for women’s rights the German magazin GLAMOUR awarded actress Sibel Kekilli with the „GLAMOUR loves Characters Award“. With this special award the editorial annually honours a socially committed person in order to prove that beauty is not only defined by its appearance.

Foto: Getty Images for GLAMOUR

Award represantation for Rose McGowan

DLD - Sibel Kekilli und Rose McGowan

On the occasion of the DLD Conference in Munich Sibel Kekilli held the award speech for Rose McGowan who was given the DLD Impact Award for starting the #metoo-movement.

Here you find the full speech:

Good evening ladies and gentlemen,

the definition of a revolution can be described as a forcible overthrow of a government or social order, in favor of a new system. These movements are initiated by revolutionaries. People who take up the cause of bringing about change in an existing system – and are not afraid of pushing back. The roots of a revolution are in the actions taken by individuals, willing to fight for change.


Nomination Jupiter Award 2018

Jupiter Award 2018

Sibel Kekilli has been nominated for the Jupiter Award 2018 as Best Actress on TV national. With her role “Sibel” in the ZDFNeo mini-series “Bruder” (brother) she already passed the monthly pre selections and is now ready getting your votes. You can vote until January 31st 2018.

Link to the voting page:

The Jupiter Awards are the biggest audience awards for cinema and television in Germany. It exists since 1979 and the viewer can vote in 11 categories.

Presenter Bambi Award 2017

Sibel Kekilli hält die Laudatio für den Bundespräsidenten a.D. Joachim Gauck

Former Federal President Joachim Gauck has been awarded the “Millennial-Bambi” in November 2017. As a presenter he asked for Sibel Kekilli who of course was overly happy to comply with that wish. What a great privilege to honour that extraordinary person at the Bambi award ceremony.

Foto: BrauerPhotos / Dominik_Beckmann fuer Hubert Burda Media

New German series: Bruder – schwarze Macht

Bruder - Schwarze Macht, Sibel Kekilli, ZDFneo

“Bruder – Schwarze Macht” (“Brother – the dark side”) tells the story of Melih, a young German-Turkish adolscent who slowly radicalizes himself into an islamic terrorist and his older sister Sibel who is trying to save him from his dangerous environment.

The mini series is narrated from Sibel’s perspective, a well integrated police officer who feels responsable for her brother Melih.

ZDFneo shows the first of four episodes from 29th of October at 9:45pm

Worldcon75: Hugo Awards

Worldcon75 in Helsinki

Sibel Kekilli was a presenter at the Hugo Award ceremony in Helsinki. She presented the Best Dramatic Presentation Long Form in front of a lovely audience of about 4.000 visitors. The winner is „Arrival“ with Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner.

More info about the Worldcon75:

Odessa Filmfestival 2017

Film Festival Odessa 2017

After not being able to attend the last years now Sibel Kekilli followed the invitation of the film festival Odessa 2017 for being a part of the international jury. Together with Christian Petzold, Rimma Zyubina, Tudor Giurgiu und Euvgueniy Galperine she was electing the best films of the international competition.

Find out more about the Odessa film festival:

Award for integration of Norderney

Integrationspreis Norderney 2017

Out of the hands of former federal president Christian Wulff actress Sibel Kekilli was awarded with the prize for integration of the island Norderney.

Here is link to the PDF of her little speech (German only)

Couples: Victoria Gerra & Sibel Kekilli

It’s the 4th season for “couples” and Sibel Kekilli is again starring on this lovely production. This time with the portuguese actress Victoria Gerra.

Attention: The video will only be available until end of June 2017