Recent activities

Crossroads by Giorgio Armani with Sibel Kekilli

Sibel Kekilli x Giorgio Armani Crossroads

Sibel Kekilli is part of Giorgio Armani’s Crossroads campaign. The Milan-based fashion brand brings together independent, strong, elegant and inspiring women who have a story to tell. Sibel talks about the meaning of femininity, her…

Podcast with Claudia Roth

Podcast with Claudia Roth and Sibel Kekilli

In the current episode of Claudia Roth’s podcast and co-host Horst Thieme they spoke with Sibel Kekilli The two women have known and valued each other for quite a long time, so Sibel didn’t have…

Live on TV: Talk at Zibb in Potsdam

Sibel Kekilli bei rbb Zibb in Potsdam

Shortly before the premiere of her new film “Meeresleuchten,” Sibel Kekilli stopped by Zibb in Potsdam. She spoke with Madeleine Wehle not only about the filming of “Meeresleuchten,” but also about her work on “Game…

Podcast with Jörg Thadeusz

Sibel Kekilli im Podcast von Jörg Thadeusz

Sibel Kekilli talks to Jörg Thadeusz about the film business, why she turned down her role Shae in “Game of Thrones” in the first place and what there is to discover on night walks in…

Appearance at DAS! on NDR

Sibel Kekilli bei DAS! auf dem roten Sofa

Three days before the premiere of her new film “Meeresleuchten” Kekilli appeared on the red sofa of DAS! at the NDR. There she not only talked about the film and the challenging time during the…

Interview AZ: The chance in shutting down

Sibel Kekilli - Film Shutdown

After the shooting of Wolfgang Panzer’s movie “Shutdown” the “Münchner Abendzeitung” (AZ) spoke with Sibel Kekilli. Obviously the actress talks about the Covid-19 conditions on set while telling a story about the lockdown. Sibel Kekilli…

Preview: Wrap for “Shetdoun”-project

Crew Shutdown

Director Wolfgang Panzer (“Der große Kater”) shot the corona dramedy “SHetdoun” (Shutdown in phonetic transcription) with a very prominent cast this week. Sibel Kekilli and Kostja Ullmann are playing the leading roles. All the shooting…

Late night talk: Appearance at 3nach9

Sibel Kekilli bei 3nach9

After an abstinence from talk-shows for over 15 years, Sibel Kekilli has been invited to 3nach9, the mother of all talk-shows. On Friday, January 15th the actress took a seat in an armchair at Radio…