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Interview Spiegel: A woman is never safe there. At no time of the day

The German magazine “Der Spiegel” did an interview with Sibel Kekilli about her stay in Salvador de Bahía earlier this year. The actress is a co-founder of the women’s network Unidas, which aims to establish…

Interview Zeit: My job is characterized by dependencies

“Of course many professional groups are currently struggling for recognition. Supermarket employees, nurses, I am totally in favour of earning more for their work. But one thing should not be forgotten: If we had no…

Interview Chrismon: Say and think whatever you want

Sibel Kekilli answered a couple of questions in the current issue of the Chrismon magazine. The actress not only talks about friendship and freedom, but also explains what adults can learn from children. You can have…

Making-of: Casa Respeita as Mina

On February 19th the women’s house Casa Respeita as Mina (en.: Respect the girls) has successfully opened its doors in the middle of the old town center Pelourinho in Salvador de Bahía. As part of…

Interview A Tarde: Feminism in Salvador

In the course of the successful opening of the “Casa Respeita as Mina” (respect the girls) on February 19, 2020 in Salvador de Bahía, the press also wanted to talk to Sibel Kekilli about her…

Salvador: opening of Casa Respeita as Mina

Respeita as Mina (engl. Respect the Girls) is an initiative of the production company Maré Produções, in partnership with the Women’s Ministry, and is financed by the Bahiatursa, the Goethe-Institut and UNIDAS – the women’s…

Sibel Kekilli is a German actress of Turkish origin. With her debut in “Gegen die Wand” (“Head-On”) she gained major public attention. She has won twice the highest German movie award “Lola” for Best Actress in “Gegen die Wand” and “Die Fremde” (“When we leave”) and the Tribeca film festival amongst others. With her role as Shae in the HBO award winning series ‘Game of Thrones’ she became widely known internationally.


The series “Bullets” has been nominated for the Finnish TV-Awards (Venla Kultainen) in five categories. Amongst them Sibel Kekilli for “Best Actress in a Leading Role in a Drama-Series”.
In the Finnish-English-German co-production Sibel plays Madina Taburova, a chechen terrorist, who seeks vengeance.

Nomination for the Finnish TV-Awards